My ex-spouse and I just separated (like, last week) and are sharing parenting time about 50/50. He just had my 3YO daughter FaceTime me and I can hear all his friends chatting in the background. I fucking lost it! We are on a statewide lockdown, and of course all he can think about is himself. I'm dealing with all the stress of this lockdown with DD's preschool closed, so I can only work part time, so I can only make half my usual salary, and am dealing with the personal losses of being isolated from friends and family. My parents live down the street from me and I am not even taking DD over to see them to avoid exposing them, and I definitely can't take the risk if I know that he is exposing her to so many germs. And he is having a dinner party???

This probably falls under the category of things you can't control when you are separated from your child's parent (or together with them, for that matter), but it is maddening that he is playing with her health and mine, and being such an irresponsible jackass. Of course, these are many of the reasons that I wanted to separate from him in the first place, particularly his utter lack of empathy or responsibility beyond the tip of his own nose. Thank goodness I moved out and I can ride out the lockdown in my own apartment. With no childcare though, I do really need him to watch her for half of the week, even if he is exposing her to germs.