Wondering if anyone has some experience/tips/etc. regarding the Pick Up/Put Down method of sleep training.

We just made the transition to the crib, after having my DD in the bassinet since about 5 weeks. DD is now 15 weeks and while she will sleep in the crib at night, she's still in my arms (or carrier or stroller) for every nap and I would like to start gently nudging her toward sleeping alone. At night, we have a whole host of sleep associations. She needs to be nursed to sleep most nights, and absolutely must be rocked to sleep until she is out. There is no "drowsy but awake" in this house!

I don't think I have the will power to do CIO or Ferber just yet and think the PU/PD method might be the way to go to start.

So, does anyone have any suggested resources, tips to share, success stories (or the opposite!) regarding this type of sleep training? Any help is much appreciated!!