We are trying to decide whether we should put DD2 (2.75 yo) into a preschool near our house two days per week so I could work from home. She would go to her current daycare the other 3 days. The daycares are pretty different - the one near our house is locally run, heavily play-based, child-directed, and just a little "looser." When we toured today the director gave us the example of a months long "unit" based on the kids' interest in dogs (e.g., counting dogs in the park, going to the library to check out books on dogs, etc.) Her current daycare is a national chain, definitely has a focus on play, but has a set corporate curriculum. We like both - so that's not an issue. But we are a little worried that she will be confused by the different people and the different paces. My husband is vaguely worried that she will not get the full benefit of either experience.

Have you sent your child to two different daycares at the same time? How was your experience?