There have been a lot of posts about considering 3 or more kids. We are considering 3 but I am fairly high stress. I love the idea of 3 and big family gatherings down the road, but sometimes it's so hard to manage just 2. I enjoy doing things on my own and look forward to the freedom of gardening or going to a yoga class as the girls get older, and having a third would push that down the road. But then I think of 2 kids at the table compared to 3, and 2 sounds lonely. We do live near family and gatherings are always big.

I have 2 sisters, but one is a half sister 17+ years older than me and she lived with her mom, and the other is 6.5 years older so I don't really have a lot of context. I live in an area where big families are very common, but where I grew up I knew tons of families with only 2 kids.

If you have 2 kids or grew up with as one of 2, does/did it feel like enough? Did it feel lonely? if you live in an area where large families are common, did your kids feel left out?