Curious for experiences with Moms on Call-like approaches to very early gentle sleep training. Not interested in a debate, but just curious of the experiences of those who have tried. There are of course variations on the same theme from Moms on Call, Baby Whisperer, Babywise, etc., but they all suggest putting your baby down drowsy but awake and allowing a few minutes of crying before you resettle them, resisting the urge to pick them up when possible.

What I am really interested in is what the overall amount of fusing or light crying and duration of it (in terms of days/weeks) for those who put their babies down "drowsy but awake" from a very early age (e.g. a few weeks old). At what point did they start going down for naps and nighttime with minimal to no fussing? And what would you do for naptimes when the fussing kept them up for quite awhile into their nap window?

Would love to hear your experiences.