A curious play space question:

From 1-10, How important are family photo sessions to you? 1 being totally indifferent, never would hire a photographer for such a cause, and your family photos are 95% selfies on the phone; to 10 being "obsessed", booking it at least once a year for the year-end holiday cards, ordering matching outfits, studying what venue + time in the day to get the best lighting, hiring make up and hair stylists and plot out the whole day months ahead to ensure the most beautiful outcome.

I started joining these FB mom groups, which are filled with photographers booking mini family sessions and moms jumping on them. Moms on HB doesn't seem to talk about it that much, or maybe I didn't read diligently. Personally I never care for them. It would be nice to have nice pics, but too much effort to orchestrate for this one day where there are no birthday parties, no sports practices/games, no events, no tantrums, no illness, no rain. And then I also feel that the photos are sometimes a little staged. Strictly my personal opinion. I feel that one day I'll finally wake up and regret we never ever hired a photographer to do family portraits for at least one time! But at the moment, I am a solid 1.

Curious to hear what others think!