So I’ve seen this piecemeal on a couple other posts, but what are people doing about family visits right now? My 9 month old is the first baby on my side and I got a call from my dad today telling me that he was going to be seeing DD at some point during the two weeks he’s off work (next week and the week after). They live 3 hours away and we’ve done a couple of mainly outdoor visits with them at a family cabin, but definitely aren’t comfortable with them coming to stay overnight at the house. They’ve been much more lax on quarantine than us. For example they are dining out at restaurants and see friends and my little sister, who has fully reopened including going to bars, a few times a week mask free. Meanwhile we limit trips to the store to one per week and change plans if there are too many cars in the lot for a hiking trail. The easy answer is to meet up outdoors again, potentially at the cabin, but driving 3 hours with an infant is a pain and we need to board the dog on short notice and we kind of don’t want to. But my dad won’t take FaceTime for an answer. It’s also made me worry about what will happen around DD’s first birthday, which is in October, and then the holidays when the weather will likely make outdoor compromise visits impossible (we’re in VT).

I’m wondering how others are handling these situations or how you plan to as this drags out. None of us are in hotspots, but just because thousands of people aren’t getting sick every day around us doesn’t mean it’s not present. For now I told him DH and I would talk about it and see what we’re comfortable with, but we don’t need to talk, we want to say no, and that’s going to be a problem.