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February POAS: A Flurry of Positives!

  1. Umbreon

    clementine / 854 posts

    I'm out. I started spotting so I assume AF is on her way.

  2. Mrs. Marshmallow

    blogger / apricot / 389 posts

    @FaithFertility: thanks that helps... it's so hard not to worry. But I keep telling myself that some people can't even get positives yet. The cycle with my CP my test at 15dpo was never even as day as my first one at 11dpo.

  3. winniebee

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20803 posts

    @Shizaz: uhhhhh. how many DPO are you?

  4. Umbreon

    clementine / 854 posts

    @winniebee: 14 dpo today. I usually start spotting at 14 dpo, and AF should be here by tomorrow. It sucks. I was so hopeful with using Preseed this month. Oh well, on to cycle 7.

  5. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @narwhal: it looks good to me!

  6. marley

    kiwi / 706 posts

    Popping in to say congrats to all the BFPs!!!!!
    I'll see some of you on the March POAS thread.

  7. WifeMama24

    grape / 90 posts

    @narwhal i saw your new post in another thread your lines are looking good!!
    I'm 9dpo today and haven't tested yet been busy with family and honestly I'm so tired of seeing bfn that I'm scared to test I don't want to get my hopes up too high or else it will hurt more, no major symptoms just bloated but that's also an af symptom, haven't been symptom spotting this month

  8. WifeMama24

    grape / 90 posts

    I caved in and tested today 10dpo with a walmart cheapie and bfn 👎👎👎👎 I'm having symptoms of af I hope I still have time to get a bfp

  9. Mrs. Marshmallow

    blogger / apricot / 389 posts

    @WifeMama24: Awww sorry to hear about a negative. It's not over till it's over!

  10. babypie

    olive / 53 posts

    I'm out. AF arrived. Nice to see all the BFPs

  11. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts

    I'm 11 dpo and I took a test this morning I'll probably test again on sunday but I'm thinking i'm out this month

  12. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts

    February POAS
    11- MRSB2012. LML
    19- MRSATOWN517
    28- WIFEMAMA24
    Cheerleaders: VALENTINEMOMMY

  13. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts

    I started a March board for whoever is carrying over

  14. bloomingflower

    olive / 52 posts

    So sitting here as 10DPO and nothing (two BFNs yesterday and today) AF is due March 1st, so If I can help it, I think I am going to roll over to the March Board and POAS if she does not arrive. my Fingers are still crossed or this month, but who knows.

  15. WifeMama24

    grape / 90 posts

    Of course af arrived, on to cycle 5...


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