My LO is almost 10 months old.

This past week has been horrendous in terms of his daytime naps. (He is fine falling asleep at night but during the day?) We had a great streak in the past month - 2 naps: both 1-2 hours long. I couldn't believe my luck!

BUT this past week, he might go down for his first nap for an hour, but he fights his 2nd nap to no end! He bangs on the wall, pulls himself up in the crib, cries, and simply will not go to sleep. Anyone experience this? I would expect at some point he would get tired and fall asleep just for a little but, but we are going on 50 minutes now of him crying/whining/banging etc.

Could this be a phase? He has been drooling recently so perhaps he could be teething. I'm going crazy right now. Should I just leave him in his crib until he falls asleep? I know he's not hungry.