I'm not even sure what to write, I never thought I'd be posting such a sad post - but here goes.

DH & I found out we were expecting LO #2 in March 2016, over the moon and thrilled! Had minimal morning sickness and nausea which had worried me of course, because first pregnancy I had felt like death on legs for 15 weeks...but doctor assured me saying its normal to not feel symptoms until later etcetera. Anyway, 8 week dating scan was this morning & before we even had time to really breathe...the doctor said 'it's not looking good unfortunately' and I immediately felt like the floor was falling away, walls closing in...and was praying it was a nightmare. But it was not, it was real - our little bean had stopped growing at 6.5 weeks and there was no heartbeat.

I immediately thought of my own LO and just felt such huge sadness, thinking that such a precious little life had existed, but not any more.

My husband was also in shock & we were let into another room to have some time. I just cried and cried, the tears just kept coming. I think I was more nervous about it all than I realised? And was trying to convince myself that the lack of symptoms was just lucky. But oh my goodness. This is a sadness I can't even grasp.

I'm so grateful for my own little one who was watching us with big eyes, probably wondering why his mummy & daddy were crying!

I don't know what I'm even asking here, but has anyone been through anything at this time in pregnancy? What were your next steps? I'm going to see our family doctor tomorrow to discuss options...they've already given me a referral to see the hospital to arrange a D&C but I don't even know what that involves, if that's the best option for me etc.

Any insights or experience would be great - thank you in advance for sharing.