It took a global pandemic/shelter in place to.... get DH and I to put a financial plan in place. I hired a financial planner to come up with the plan. DH and I are implementing the plan. The plan is straightforward and pretty much aligned with what DH and I thought we should be doing but never did on our own. The plan cost us $1500 (HCOL area).

Our advisor is pitching us a $100/month ongoing advising service that would keep us on track and help us react to changes. We liked our advisor but I don't see how we'd get $100 of value out of it. He's not aggressive about the upsell and he told us he was going to offer this service at the outset. We said no for now but can change our minds when he checks in with us at 3 month or 6 months. After that if we want additional advice without signing on for the monthly service we would start over with the $1500 (or use someone else).

If you pay for ongoing financial advising what makes it worthwhile for you? If you didn't pay for ongoing advice have you regretted it?