Moving day is quickly approaching and we'll be flying from Ohio to Utah. We were planning on him sitting in his car seat- britax advocate- and purchased a travel base with wheels to transport it around the airports. We figured this is best since we'll need the car seat for the rental car anyway. Does it make sense to do it that way?

The rest I'm a little unsure of. It's my understanding that we each get a carry on (my son included) and a personal item. I also think that I'm allowed to bring snacks and meals for him (he's got food allergies, so this is a must). What about drinks? Do juices and water for him need to follow the 3 oz rule? Also, I plan on declining the xray screening and opting for a pat down for myself (26 weeks preg) and my son (will they even screen him?). Lastly, what documents will I need for him??

I just feel a little all over the place and am not quite sure what to expect as this is the first time we'll be flying with a toddler. Any insight or advice is appreciated!! TIA!!