Hello all,

I've read about and checked out both the Recaro Performance Ride and Foonf car seats, and I don't know what negatives about each to ignore so I can finally buy one of them..

I presume the biggest complaint about the Recaro is the lack of RF leg room, and some have said the lack of leg room impacts FF as well. Does anyone have any personal experience to add about FF and RF leg room in the Recaro? I like the Recaro because it sort of envelopes the child within the seat, and it also seems to have plush padding, which brings me to the Foonf.

I love the sturdiness and simplicity of the Foonf, but it seems to me to have a brick-like seating cushion, especially when compared against the Recaro's plush padding. I'm worried my LO would find sitting in the Foonf to be uncomfortable,. Does anyone have any thoughts about the Foonf's seating cushion, or any other criticisms of both seats in general?

Finally, I've ruled out the Britax Pavillion/Blvd because I've read that the shell's short-length means kids grow out of the seat prematurely. Would anyone like to encourage me to reconsider ruling out the Britax in favor of the Foonf or Recaro, and if so, why?