Sorry football fans! I know this is un-american, but am I the only one dreading football season?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional football game and am a decent fan of several college/NFL teams, but I am not looking forward to hearing about it everywhere I go and my husband getting all moody when his teams lose (only temporarily, but I may snap (a ball at his head) this season).

I didn't grow up in a football house, so I've never really been obsessed with it. Other sports absolutely, but I have never really understood NFL, and I only have so much patience for days on end of NCAA games. I am always happy to get the first loss out of the way so the pressure is off and he becomes a normal human again and the season stops dictating our rare weekends off together.

Maybe it's because my basketball/baseball/hockey teams have had disappointing seasons, well, forever, so I'm lacking my usual patience... but I think I'm going to flee the house anytime he turns on a game just to preserve what's left of my sanity.