If you're able to answer any of these questions I would so appreciate it! I breastfed my first so this is new for me with navigating formula and protein intolerances.

- how/when did you transition off formula and what did you use instead?

- if you used an elemental formula, did you ever transition to another formula or use that the whole time?

We've been using Elecare but it won't be covered by our insurance starting August 1st. I'm debating between paying a ton to use it a few more months (she's 9 months) but then where do I go from there? I think there's an Elecare Junior? Or I could see if she'll tolerate Alimentum since it's cheaper. I just hate to mess with a good thing. I breastfed my first for 18 months so she was well established on foods and didn't need a milk alternative.

Thank you ladies!