DH and I want to add to our family and we are seriously considering foster to adopt. I sometimes check the waiting kids every once in a few months or so. A couple days ago I found a couple of girls (sibling group) that I can't stop thinking about.

I filled out a form for more information, but it sounds like we'd be poor candidates because we have a young child already. I was a little annoyed, because unlike most of the other posts, this one didn't mention that requirement. And the more I think about adding to our family via foster to adopt vs TTC, the more appealing it is. But I'm worried because practically every single listing for kids under 10 is that they must be the youngest or the only kids.

Does anyone have any experience with this? DH and I feel we have a ton to offer (lots of love to give, nice house, comfortable lifestyle) and that it could be a benefit for kids to come into a family that's working well and have some normalcy and stability. My son can be a lot of fun and loves playing with his slightly older cousins. But we're not social workers so maybe we just don't really comprehend the situation that well.