My 13 month old was recently diagnosed with an incredibly rare syndrome. Long story short, she has a chance at retardation, she has major physical delays, she has major speech delays, some kids with her condition never speak.
Obviously, we're done having children. I thought I was okay with our decision, but I just found some prenatals in the back of our pantry. I can't believe we're done. I always imagined having three kids, and even though I'm so, so grateful for them both I'm just so, so sad.
I feel spoiled, there's so many people struggling with IF and losses. I think it's not just that I'll never be pregnant or hold my own newborn again, but that I'm mourning the loss of this perfect family I had in my head. She has a college fund and she might not ever attend a "normal" school, let alone graduate. Let alone college.
I was hoping someone here could either commiserate or understand. I'm fairly young and the only one of my friends with children.