anyone experience toddler vomiting after taking a probiotic gummy? there's more to this but i'm having a hard time finding information before calling her ped tomorrow.

we have recently both taken an antibiotic and small dose of flonase. wish i had read up more on doing so because now i'm worried about an oral yeast infection in us both. which is where I purchased probiotic gummies, yogurt and blueberries. little one had a gummy, two little bowls of yogurt and a lot of blueberries yesterday afternoon. 4am this morning and she's hurling blueberry skins, and again at 9am. small bout of diarrhea, rest and now she's acting a little more like herself. no fever at all but this is blowing my mind, am terrified i threw off her gut/immune system and clostridium is a possibility. we have been putting the same things in our system but she was sick. washed everything but both her dad and I have yet to show signs of this being a 'bug'. he is convinced it was the probiotic.

ANY thoughts out there?