Hello Ladies,

I am totally new to this. So work with me here. I am a Mother of a handsome 9 year old boy. I am ttc for baby #2. I really haven't been trying until the past 4 months. I do not chart my BBT. Before I break down my DPO symptoms I wanted to first state that I am 7 DPO today and on 4DPO (2/28/2015) I had severe diarrhea. I also vomited at least 4 times from the time I woke up to earlier that afternoon. I also had light cramps. I did go out the night before, Friday (2/27/15) to T.G.I.F. and I had one of my relatives in town who ate a few bites from my plate and she didn't get sick. I remember when I conceived with my son I had a bad case of diarrhea but no vomiting and it only lasted for a day with him. Has anyone else had this symptom and later got a BFP? Could it had just been Food poisoning? Below are my symptoms along with my cycle.

I have a 28 Day cycle. My next period is due 3/10/2015.

Days we BD'd this cycle: February 14, 19, 20, 21 and 26.

O'd on 2/24/2015- Slight pinching cramping on right side. EWCM appeared around 4 pm. Had a positive OPK.

1DPO- EWCM. Light pinching cramps on left side

2DPO- BD'd. Had light pinching cramping. A little bit of creamy CM.

3DPO- Barely no CM. A bit constipated. No real symptoms. Went out to eat and had 1 drink with my family in town.

4DPO- Sorry for the TMI but I woke up running to the bathroom around 8am. It was like Niagara Falls running out of me from the other end . I tried to drive my son to Football training and once I walked outside I vomited all on my driveway. I was exhausted. Had light pinching cramps. Didn't check for CM.

5DPO- Felt much better today. Had light cramps on right side. Light creamy Cm.

6DPO- Light cramping on right side. Loose stool in the afternoon. Felt a bit nauseous after eating an apple crisp but no vomit. I weighed myself and noticed I lost 8 lbs from being sick Saturday. Extremely tired throughout the day.

7DPO(today)- Creamy CM. A little nauseous that only lasted about 2 minutes. Pinching cramps on right side. Gassy. Very sleepy. Right nipple has been itchy.

I don't have no sore boob's/nipples. Normally my boobs just get full around ovulation and they didn't this time around. When my period is near my boobs normally get full as well around this time. No signs of fullness yet.

This cycle we have been using pre-seed each time we BD'd. I'm hoping the little spermies survived since we didn't BD on O day.

I will be testing most likely on Sunday in hopes for a BFP. But I would love to hear if any one else had what they thought was Food poisoning/stomach bug and ended up prego. Thanks in advance.