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TTC... Stomach Bug or Pregnancy Symptoms...

  1. Hazza123

    pea / 12 posts

    @MommyTo1TryingFor2: I'm in the same boat. No AF. But BFN! There is still hope though. Fingers crossed! I still have a migraine, I have taken safe painkillers just in case! I don't have any symptoms of AF or pregnancy, although last night I was a bit snappy (PMS I'm thinking)

  2. MommyTo1TryingFor2

    pea / 17 posts

    I'm out... AF just arrived

  3. MommyTo1TryingFor2

    pea / 17 posts

    This cycle I will be temping to pinpoint my exact ovulation since the OPK's are not as accurate as I thought. I believe I ovulated later than I thought. Good luck to all us ladies. FX April will be our month.

  4. simplyfelicity

    cantaloupe / 6634 posts

    @MommyTo1TryingFor2: Sorry about AF! Wishing you tons of luck with your next cycle

  5. Hazza123

    pea / 12 posts

    @MommyTo1TryingFor2: Sorry to hear! Yes, April will be the month.

    AF is still a no show. But BFN still. I'm sure if I was pregnant it would be a BFP by now. I had a positive test the first day of my missed AF with my first child.

  6. Emilia80

    apricot / 296 posts

    @MommyTo1TryingFor2: oh NO! I'm so sorry. I was really hoping for u. What opk do u use? Do u have a normal 28 day cycle?

  7. Hazza123

    pea / 12 posts

    I still have no AF and BFN! This is the longest I have ever been late. Most of yesterday I was cramping and I had a slight pink tinge toilet paper before I went to bed so expected to wake up with AF.... Nothing!

  8. Emilia80

    apricot / 296 posts

    @Hazza123: how many dpo are u now? Ur not out until AF arrives. Hang in there!

  9. Hazza123

    pea / 12 posts

    I just went to the bathroom and AF has finally shown her face! Ahhh well! Better luck next month xx

  10. Emilia80

    apricot / 296 posts

    @Hazza123: oh no! I'm so sorry! Let's hope next month is our month!

  11. Damara

    apple seed / 1 posts

    Ladies pls what full meaning of dpo

  12. BabyBoecksMom

    GOLD / papaya / 10166 posts

    @Damara: dpo = days past ovulation


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