My core group of best friends include 2 women - one I've known since college (let's call her A), the other I met online ages ago (let's call her B), and all three of us became a group at my wedding (A was my MOH, B did a reading for us). Since then (8+ years ago), we've done a bunch of trips together and set a goal for ourselves to do a trip once a year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go away the year Baby C was born (2013), we skipped 2014 due to A's brother's wedding, and last year was rough for B due to sudden passing of her mom.

This year, we did a trip together in March, our first together in 4 years, and I recently sent out a note after seeing some cheap flights to New Orleans to see if we could all do a short trip there this fall. B said that she's in, but A said that she doesn't think she can do it.

Dilemma is, do B and I go anyway? We really don't want to hurt A's feelings, especially because her constraints are likely financial, and our trip in March was a bit pricey by her own telling. A and B did a trip together the year Baby C was born, after I said I can't do it, and A and I went to New Orleans together 6 years ago so she's already been and B couldn't go at that time. Part of me thinks it would be OK if we went, but something is nagging at me about it. WWYD?