First world venting/sad post November I gave my bff the heads up that I was going to host a small bday party for my daughter's first birthday in February and let her know the weekend. She lives a short flight away but her parents live near us so I suggested it could be a good combo visit trip and we talked about me flying to her too when her dd turns 1 about 2 months later. Cut to today....when she lets me know she is going to Florida to have her dd meet the grandparents that same weekend. I made some minor comment of surprise and she basically told me that she hasn't met the grandparents yet so that's more important.

I know really is not a big deal in the grand scheme of life, but I'm disappointed and hurt. I would understand if it was about money, or an unavoidable conflict (wedding, etc), but the grandparent visit, while important, seems like it could have been any weekend. What's more, this is a common theme in our friendship - she'll come out to see her family and I feel like it's an imposition to try to carve out time with her. Yet, she's asked me to book a trip up to visit them this winter.

Tl;dr is that I feel unimportant to my bff and it's making me sad right now.