So here's the story, the crazy temp jump (shaded in gray) on cd 16 was the day I was really sick, so I marked it questionable. But then on either cd 17 or 18, my thermometer stopped doing the 2nd peep, and would no longer record my temperature. I got a new thermometer, and thought that it was fine because my temps the next couple of days with the new thermometer aligned with earlier temps. Fast forward to today, cd 21, and still no shift! In the shower this morning I briefly noticed some breast tenderness so now I'm wondering if I ovulated sometime during the flu/thermometer fiasco and the new thermometer had just enough of a difference in temperature reading to make my chart look like there was no shift. I figure I can be anywhere from 6dpo to not having ovulated at all yet. I should also mention that I think it's highly unlikely that I wouldn't ovulate at all since I have never had that issue before, and I've been charting for 6+ months. I have also been sick 2 other times this year, and neither time was my cycle affected by it that much... I know I probably just need to wait but I would appreciate any insight! Thank you!