My second grader could really use some improvement on memorizing basic math facts. Obviously, she can do them, but I'd like her to have them committed to memory so she that when she's doing 3+ digit problems, she doesn't need to think about the simpler single digit addition (ie., she should just "know" that 6+7=13).

She has ADHD, doesn't memorize terribly well, and really doesn't like I think a game with a "timer" aspect would be great. We have ABC Mouse, but I'm struggling to find a "level" that provides what I'm looking for - the 1st grade math games involve too much "help" with counters or multiple choices, rather than prompting straight-up memorization, and the second grade games segway into larger number equations (which I obviously don't expect her to really memorize at this point).

Any suggestions? I'm open to paying for an app (like, $10 or less), but not a full "program" or "system".

I have not checked out Khan Academy, but my kindergartener is occasionally assigned work from there. I haven't explored it much because I think the reading level of the instructions is a little high for a kindergartner, but my second grader, who I'm asking this question for, could read it, so if you know a section on Khan that meets this need, that might work!