I saw my RE last week and he’s highly recommended both my husband and I get an extended genetic screening done that tests for things like the Fragile X Syndrome. I’m 36 with a low AMH (0.27) and one daughter and one m/c. He believes my AMH has been low for some time due to some other health issues (I have an extensive medical history of Crohns) and even though I’m in remission and have been since 2014, it’s more than likely the reason I’m struggling to get pregnant. Has anyone done this extensive testing? I’m overwhelmed because I didn’t even consider these things prior to seeing an RE. I want another baby so bad but if we were to test positive for a critical condition, I’m afraid I would feel like I needed to end my journey to conceive. Anyone have any experience? The actual screening is called Sema4 if you’re interested in more details. Thanks!