I'm so annoyed at my OB practice. I saw an NP at my 8 week appointment and told her we wanted to do the NT scan and screening. She told me we could schedule that at my next appointment in 4 weeks. I had in my head it needed to be done by 13 weeks so at the end of the appointment I asked her about it again and she said the same thing. I had my 12 week appointment today and asked the doctor about it and he said it was too late now to schedule it because they'd never get me in within the next week. 😤 I know based on age and all that I'm "low risk" but we'd decided we wanted to do that testing and were really looking forward to the scan because my husband would be able to come and he's dying to see baby.

I'm not really interested in any of the other stuff like harmony, panorama, materniti21, etc, especially because insurance won't cover it.

So it looks like no genetic testing and no scans between 8 and 20 weeks, which is going to drive me nuts!

Anyone else do no testing at all and can reassure me it's not a big deal?