Hi everyone. I had a question about progesterone use and days of almost positive opks.

Some background:
In December, I had a chemical pregnancy. My doctor felt it was due to low progesterone (I have PCOS) and told me start progesterone after ovulation now.

In January, after my cp, I ovulated on CD21 (usually I O around CD16-17). I took the progesterone, when I didn't get a positive beta I went off and had my period.

This month, I tracked ovulation only via opks, not bbt (my dr said I didn't have to do both and the opks were very reliable for me in the past...now I wish I did both!)

On CD14, 16, 17, 18, and 19 I had almost positives. I've been testing twice a day and the past two days the morning ones are so dark I'm convinced the afternoon will be positive. But then they are lighter than the morning (but still very dark!)

I'm going crazy here! Could using progesterone last month cause me to not ovulate this month? We are bd every other day, so I'm not too worried about that, but I need to know if/when to start the progesterone!