This totally isn't a rant because it's so sweet that he tries, but DH is the worst gift giver. I think I'm just amazed at how he's always so close to what would be a great gift, but also so far. Two examples of many: a blank journal with a green cover (it was my favorite color green but I have never in my life used a journal) and a tiny wooden vase that he made in his workshop (I love flowers, but it can only hold 1 tiny stem and almost no water - plus then he literally never bought flowers to go in it). So this morning he was like, I need to work in my workshop this weekend because I'm working on a gift for you. Which basically means that I'm on childcare duty while he plays with a saw and then I get something random and useless. But I know it's absolutely the thought that counts. We've been together 14 years so I just need to get over it and hope that other family members will get me something i actually want (or just buy it myself). Oh, one other example- one year for Valentine's Day, he let me rush around the house getting ready in the morning to drop DS at daycare and then he lied about going to work and instead stayed home and cooked a big Valentine's dinner. It's so sweet in theory, but in reality, he likes to cook, so he just took the day off work to do something fun and dirty every dish in the house.