Happy late October bees!

I am panicking a bit at the thought of Christmas already - worried mostly about shipping times when everyone is ordering online with a sprinkling of wanting to support small business/BIPOC owned business at this time thrown in.

Anyone else have this on the mind already? Mind sharing your lists or sources to help fellow bees out?

My DD2 is 1 on Dec 15th and her big present will be a new carseat. She also needs clothes.

For Christmas, I think the big "Santa" gift to both girls will be a dollhouse? Then accessories and some books will round us out. More clothes and maybe some "experience" gifts depending on what the future looks like I suppose. Dd1 is 3.5 - might get her some preschool stuff (we held back from starting her in the fall, are aiming for fall 2021 now #thankscovid).

Hoping to avoid Amazon for all of this and the big shops for clothes.