Hi all! I could use some inspiration for a Xmas gift for my 3 year old (girl, but tend to prefer unisex toys) who is a typical second child. She gets all of her sister’s hand me down clothes and toys, which she obviously doesn’t mind but I feel bad that I put a lot of thought into the right toys to get her 5 year old sister, and I usually just get her something last minute so she has something to unwrap because we already have so many of the usually suggested toys (legos, magnatiles, play kitchen, dollhouse, scooters etc) for her older sis that she’s inheriting. Also, since we’ve been home so much since March, I’ve purchased them a lot more toys than usual “off cycle” to just keep them busy while we work, so I’m really tapped out on what the heck to get her. Her older sis has outgrown her bike, so we’re getting her a new bike for Xmas, some ridiculous Snow Dragon thing she asked for, and grandparents will probably chip in for a the bike or get her some art or STEM projects I suggested.

I asked my 3 year old what she wanted and she said “snowflakes,” so I’ll see if I can find something that fits that description! But any other ideas? Has anyone ever tried one of those Leap Frog pads? Are those fun/educational for 3 year olds? FYI, nothing to expensive as we’ve already spent more than usual this year on toys and items to keep them busy, so I don’t want to go overboard or blow our budget.

Thanks! Clearly I’m procrastinate work today