We will be going on a 7-day cruise to the Bahamas (Royal Caribbean cruise line) at the end of next month.  It will be our first vacation since our daughter was born and this is our daughter's first trip away from home!  She will be 21 months when we leave.

I need lots of tips and advice when it comes to traveling with a toddler, especially on a cruise!  Please help!

1. Stroller
What kind of umbrella stroller would you recommend in order to be able to maneuver through the narrow hallways in between staterooms and to carry to the ports fairly easily? I would prefer one that can recline a bit so that she can fall asleep comfortably in it while we're walking around too.

We have a Bugaboo Cameleon that I love and take everywhere and we also have a Baby Jogger City Mini but they are both very bulky.  I would love to take my Bugaboo but it'll be too much of a hassle. =(

Maclarens?  UppaBaby G-Luxe? $20 Babies R Us umbrella stroller?

2. Motion sickness
Since she's less than 2 years old I'm assuming she's not old enough to take any OTC motion sickness medicine that's out there (will call the doc to confirm).
Have any of you taken a toddler on a cruise ship and they've gotten sick?
If so, what helped?  Anti-motion sickness wrist bands?  Those tiny round stickers that you stick behind your ear?

3. Bath tub
I read that unless you are on a Disney Cruise ship or unless you get a really expensive suite room most staterooms do not have bath tubs. I think it'll be a bit tricky to wash her standing up since she's so young and won't stay still.
Did you take an inflatable bath tub?
Would it be a good idea to not lug an inflatable bath tub to minimize luggage?

4. Cruise ship water
I'm afraid that the water used in the ship might get our daughter sick so we plan on taking lots of bottled water, especially since she's strictly on a milk/formula diet (she's an extremely picky eater).
Did your child get sick from the cruise ship water?  If so, what helped?

I'll be taking warm clothes for the cold nights and AC'ed rooms, lots of bottle liners and bottled water, sunblock, snacks, books, some toys, etc.
Besides these, what else should I know or bring?
We've been on a cruise by ourselves before our daughter was born but I know things will be drastically different with a toddler in tow!

Muchas gracias! =)