After countless posts on HB about a glider chair... I still hadn't bit the bullet. My style and preference was more of the Monte Luca or West Elm Graham type, but the Luca was out of my budget and the Graham just wasn't that comfortable for me to use.
DH was trying to convince me to just get a wooden glider/rocker, but I could never get sold on that idea. After countless months of searching, I FINALLY got a glider today from where else but Craigslist!!! I got the glider & matching ottoman w/pull-out footrest for... *drumroll please* $200!!!
Used wooden ones are going for around that much locally so I couldn't believe my luck! It is also the MOST comfy set I've tried so far! The height is perfect for me.

I wouldn't have picked the Toile de Jouy print myself, but I think it will go well in our "slightly-Parisian-themed" nursery.
Best of all, it wasn't until we moved it home that I saw it was an authentic Dutailier! Looked it up and it's model #173, where the glider goes for around $1K and the ottoman almost $300 originally.
The seller had an impeccably clean and big house in a very pricey neighborhood, so they are in immaculate condition.
I'm just so relieved I'll have a comfy spot to nurse and fall asleep when LO arrives. Eek! Thanks for letting me brag about my find!