I am thinking we will get a Graco MyRide for a second seat. I would like to spend about $125 on the seat after tax.

I am not sure the differences between all the color options. I know the safety surround ones require you to remove the safety surround if you want to use rear facing and with the harness in the top slot (which many parents need for extended rear facing or tall children).

Any idea the differences in these besides the colors. Not sure why some have "mini wings" one has a "pillow" etc.

1. Graco MyRide 65 in Prentis/Cuddle with a "pillow"?
2. Graco Myride 65 in Nico/Capri with safety surround
3. Graco MyRide 65 in Coda (and a few other colors) with "mini wings"?

Also, now I see there is a Graco My Ride 70 offered by Target?