We were very generously gifted a Graco Contender carseat for Christmas for my DD. Does anyone have any experience with the car seat (good, bad, ugly)? Reviews online are favorable, but I don't know anyone with the seat IRL.

Additionally, I drive a Mazda3, which has a very narrow backseat. Getting a new car is not a feasible option at this point. Does anyone happen to know if this carseat will fit (rear-facing) comfortably? We put her infant seat in the middle, but ideally I'd love to put her behind me so it's not so hard getting her in and out (I'm about 85% sure this won't be possible until she's forward facing, which is years away).

ETA: Asking the question because we need to purchase a 2nd seat for my husband's car (she rides in both cars pretty frequently). If the Contender won't fit in my car, it will certainly in his (Pontiac Vibe), so we can do something different for mine.