The Graco recall yesterday was the last straw for me with my Graco MySize 70. It is hard to adjust, hard to tighten, and yep, hard to get that little buckle un-buckled!

We will soon need a second convertible seat, and there's no way I'm buying another of the MySize70.

Can you all recommend a seat for a biiig LO? She was 19lbs and 28.5in at 6 months (about to outgrow bucket seat by height, which is why I need another convertible), so I need something that's got pretty extensive height limits.

Any ideas? We'll be putting the Graco in DH's car, since she's only in there sporadically, and I'd like to spend about 200-250$ max, if possible.

*ETA: It's the MySize, not the MyRide. Oops