Any recommendations for a harnessed booster carseat that is shaped such that two of them fit nicely side by side next to each other? My car is not particularly narrow, but my kids sit three across, so I can't afford to waste space on seats that don't puzzle nicely.

I drive an Acura MDX (with a WIDE bench seat, so no issue there). Current configuration is RF Maxi Cosi Mico - FF Maxi Cosi Pria - RF Maxi Cosi Pria; the kids are:
1 yr old (26" 15 lbs)
5 yr old (43" 33 lbs)
3.5 yr old (37" 30 lbs)

Thinking pretty soon I will at least turn the 3.5 year old FF, move the 1 yr old to one of the Prias (RF) and put the 5 year old in a high back harnessed booster....and might buy a second booster for the 3.5 yr old as well.

I keep getting the stink eye from teachers when I do car-line drop off at school on Fridays, and my kindergartner has to crawl under her 3.5 year old sister's rear facing Maxi Cosi Pria to get out....I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal, but it's added motivation for a change I know needs to be in the works anyway.

Thanks for any input!