So excited because Rob Sr. and I just decided that we are going to combine several things (this year's Mother's Day, "push" gift for this baby, and 7th anniversary, along with the $$ I am making by consigning old designer clothes and accessories) and we're going to re-set my engagement ring!

The truth is that this is NOT the first time I'm doing this... My original engagement ring had straight baguette sidestones and I loved it. I got a matching wedding band with 3 straight baguettes made, but the two rings never sat next to each other-- there was always a small gap, which drove me crazy. So around our 3rd anniversary we re-set all 5 baguettes into a single ring that is now my wedding ring, and we had the diamond set into a simple 4-prong solitaire setting. I tend to get sick of things easily (I love variety!) so I figured the best way to guarantee that I won't get sick of it was to leave it a classic solitaire. I also hate how things get dated so I knew this style would stand the test of time.

(I actually don't wear the two together because I have an anniversary band with five small round stones that look better with the solitaire. So I wear the wedding band on my right hand and the engagement/anniversary band set on my left.)

Fast forward to this year and I am sick of it I now somehow think the solitaire looks a little immature on my hand. I guess I am becoming an old lady and I now want something a little more solid-looking. When I was younger I wanted something dainty and pretty, but now I want something a little more sturdy. The band is just too thin and the diamond sits too high.

So I figure since I'm going to have to take these rings off soon with my pregnancy well into the second trimester already, I might as well take advantage of the time away from the rings and do some re-configuration! Plus this way Rob Sr. doesn't have to shop or think about gifts for me for the whole year. We don't do Christmas gifts to each other anymore (we buy something for the house instead).

I have absolutely no idea what I want so we're going to go ring shopping in the next few weeks. Last time I did this was almost 10 years ago and I only tried on SUPER simple settings so I'm really excited to look around.

Ok this turned into a novella. And I know this post might be super silly for some who think this is a frivolous thing...! Anyone else ever re-set their rings (or are planning on doing so)?

(p.s. Also considering getting a new ring for Rob Sr. for our 7th anniversary so we can both have fresh new rings during the 7 year itch when oh so many divorces seem to be occurring... hehe! His ring is SO simple and it would be nice for him to have something a little dressier as another option.)