I am so upset at myself.

I went away last weekend and left a very important necklace at the hotel. I am 110% sure I left it there. I've turned my bags inside out and it's not there. I remember the exact moment I took it off and where I put it and I do not at all remember putting it back on or packing it. My husband gave it to me for our wedding, and he has such a hard time buying me gifts (because I'm a picky bitch! ) and he got this and took it to show his mom and she was stunned because she has the exact one and he said to her "She has my heart mom". UGH. It's so beautiful and I want to cry.

I've called the hotel and obviously they can't find it. I am not surprised. I have no doubt it was pocketed.

I haven't told DH yet and I just don't know what to do. If I can't buy it again, MIL said that I could buy hers from her.

So, what would you do ladies?