Have you ever taken a course as Pass/Fail?

At my school, you are allowed to take one Pass/Fail course per semester, and it can’t fall in your Major.

I have yet to use this option, and have been saving this Ace card in my back pocket for the required Math distribution class. I am leaning toward taking the class as Pass/Fail. Has anyone done this and regretted it? *I have no real “regret” scenarios. Maybe it affected grad school applications? No idea. Just covering every possible scenario. I’m an over thinker!

If you would indulge my current plight:

My situation:
I have one class left before FINALLLYYY graduating (finishing my BA after withdrawing for life reasons a billion years ago). Taking this Class in January.

My GPA so far is 3.9-something

In this Quantitative Reasoning course, I so far have 59.4 out of 60 points.


---We have one Group Project left, worth 10% of grade

Based on how he corrects homework, I think he will be rather jerky about it. For example, he deducted 6 points off a question that we were supposed to Google and Bing. Example: “Use Google Calculator to change a large number into -h.e.lla units”. “Now try Bing. Does Bing know about this?” On his answer sheet, after he corrected our homework, he wrote “no”. I also wrote “no, Bing does not know about this function”. Our answers matched. But he still took off 6 points because “he had written this answer sheet three years ago, and today if you write ‘-h.e.lla. units’ in Bing articles do show up” . OK – trick question? Articles showed up, not calculations! {scream}.

So this is an example of his homework grading style. I’m afraid he will chop up our group project.

---One cumulative Final left, worth 25% of grade

He has said that the Final is not designed by him but by the Math Department. That he does his best to take out problems he deems too difficult but that it's out of his hands ultimately. I read a review of his class, and one student said they were an A student and got good grades throughout his course, but cried the entire final because nothing on it was taught to her during his course.

So I’m afraid that even though so far I have earned an A, that the group project and Final might bring it down. And what is the point if it’s just a required distribution in Math, a subject I have no desire ever to pursue.

Is this an easy answer? Take it as Pass/Fail?