I really hope this doesn't become a heated discussion because I'm genuinely interested to see how people feel.

I was visiting a friend of mine last weekend (another mom of 2) and we got on the topic of if we would ever try for one more kid. She told me that her SIL was asked to be a surrogate for her best friend, because she has been battling infertility for 3 years.

My friend and I started discussing what we would do in this situation and what the options would be. My friend said that she would definitely be a surrogate for family or close friend, but she can't see herself donating her eggs because, to her, that's her child.

Prior to having children, I always told myself that I would be a surrogate for family if they need it. But now, I don't think that I could physically or mentally carry another child (due to PPD issues with my last child). I would absolutely be open to donating my eggs, but I think I would have to limit it to my siblings/family. Yes, it's my DNA in the egg, but my siblings also come from the same DNA as I did so I can separate it from being "my" child.

I know this community has so many different women from so many backgrounds and that I thought I would see how other people feel about it.