Hi bees, I am trying to figure out where I stand with an early, non-viable pregnancy, and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

This is my first time trying again after a labor day m/c and D&C. I'm five a half weeks, and my OB is very concerned that I have an ectopic since my levels are so low but are still climbing, but a radiologist was unable to see *anything* yesterday for that very reason (hcg under 1000). He did confirm my ovulation tube wasn't swollen at all, but couldn't say anything for certain since there was no visual on the sac. Right now, the plan is to re-do betas on Monday, and if they haven't started dropping, to give me the methotrexate shot, which would put me out of the game for 3 months. I thought something was wrong with this from the beginning--didn't get a positive FRER until 14dpo (super, super faint), and have hardly any symptoms. I'm really holding out hope this is just a non-viable pregnancy in my uterus, but obviously don't want to risk my tube if it isn't. I've had zero spotting or bleeding, and I'm devastated (again) and worried sick.

Betas are:
4w1d: 69
4w5d: 187 (68-hr double)
5w1d: 450 (58-hr double)
5w3d: 585 (127-hr double)

Has anything like this happened to you? If so, what were your betas like, how was your ectopic diagnosed, and did you wait to get the shot or surgery? Any words of wisdom would be so, so appreciated.

Thanks in advance