I hate the word tacky but I guess that's what some people think when I looked it up.

I was at a shower for my friend last year and thought it was a good idea to help the mom-to-be. Plus, if you don't have their address it would help the mom not have to chase down addresses. My sister is currently chasing down addresses from a earlier shower.

I'm working on signs and was looking for the right wording for it and I came across a thread on a parenting forum that people thought it was tacky. Whoops! I had no idea it was tacky. I thought I was helping the mom-to-be, but I guess people think otherwise.

Oh, I asked my sister and she said she has everyone's address since she give me the guest list with addresses. So it's not really that necessary for my sister. She did say she didn't think the idea was tacky and she has seen it at other showers and didn't think it was weird.

The practically of it was why I thought we should have it at the shower but now that my sister says she has all the addresses, I don't think it's worth it. I'll just skip.

But yikes, the thread I saw, it was comment after comment about how tacky it was. Wow, I just never knew.