Fun times at my house last night! My LO came home from daycare with a stomach bug and a bag of clothes and sheets to be washed. My husband started a load of wash and when I went down to change it the whole basement smelled like burning and the washer drum was full of water. Pretty sure we burnt out the motor.

So we started looking at washing machines online to replace it and are leaning toward this one

Its HE and has a wash plate instead of an agitator it also doesnt have a Prewash cycle I'm also worried since its HE it wont put enough water into the drum to really clean the diapers. Any one else have a similar washing machine that can tell me how to wash/what settings/soap to use?

With the old washer I would do a prewash on cold, Add Tide powder then run heavy duty on hot with an extra rinse cycle then hang to dry.

thanks for the help
Up to my elbows in dirty laundry