I am new to this site, but am hoping some of you will be able to provide some advice/insight into a problem I am having with my LO.

DD is 3 weeks and a few days and is EBF, and it seems like ever since her birth, she has been cluster feeding almost all day and evening. I can count on one hand the number of days where she nursed a normal every 2-3 hours, but for the most part, during the day and evening she is literally on my boob 24/7 nursing every 30 mins or so and then fussing as soon as I put her down. She was sleeping pretty good at night up until a few days ago, going 4-5 hours between feeding. However, as soon as she hit 3 weeks she has been waking every hour at night and just so fussy at the breast, screaming and pulling away like she doesn't want any, but then she will start rooting the moment I take her away. I didn't mind the cluster feeding as much bc she was at least giving me longer stretches at night, but now it is almost non stop

I am at my wits ends and I just don't know if she is fussy because of an underlying issue or if this is just a normal thing for growth spurts. I know typical spurts happen at 2-3 days, 7-10 days, and 2-3 weeks and she has hit them all lol.

Some of her symptoms include frequent hiccups, gurgling/grunting noises in her sleep, fussy when not being held, nursing every hour or less, and fussing at my breasts when feeding. However, her weight gain is awesome. She weighted 7lbs 5oz at birth and at 3 weeks she weighted 9 lbs 6oz.

Any advice is appreciated!! Is this typical behavior or does it sound like she has a problem such as silent reflux or something? When does this cluster feeding end???