Can't believe I'm posting this about a 6 year old but alas - my 6 year old HATES taking showers. She is generally a very chill kid but the minute we tell her it's time to shower, all hell breaks loose. The biggest reason for this is FOMO - she absolutely hates being taken away from playing, reading, whatever, so she especially hates it when her dad does showers, because he takes a lot longer to give her a shower than it takes me, but it's definitely a fight regardless of who does it. We've tried everything we can think of - plenty of early warnings, telling her how much extra time she'll have to play if we shower quickly as soon as we get home, rewards, punishments, you name it. She fully understands showers are a health issue and are not negotiable, but still has a cow every day about it. I literally get a knot in my stomach at this point at just the mere mention of the word and I'm out of ideas on how to stop this madness. She's a very active kid so especially now when it's summer showers a daily necessity and she's about to start camp where she'll be outside for large chunks of time so I need to get her in the shower as soon as we walk in the door and really don't want to have my blood pressure go up every time. Any ideas? In case it helps for context, baths are a bit better received (not by much but better) but we can't do them every day because she has eczema and her skin doesn't react well to being in the water for a long time so she knows she can do baths 2X/week because of that. And my favorite fun fact - she doesn't have any issue taking showers when she's at my mom's for vacations or when my mom gives her a shower (as she did when she visited just recently), so it's also a "let's drive my parents crazy" issue to some extent. Thank you for any ideas!