My 5 month old ebf DS hasn't pooped in 13 days. I called his pediatrician yesterday, and they were concerned. They gave me 24 hours and some techniques to try, and NOTHING. We have a couple hours left before time is up and I have to take him in for an enema and blockage exam.

Again, he is ebf, and has been eating well, and having a normal amount of wet diapers, and is in good spirits. We have tried vibration massage in the "moon pattern" , massage baths, rectal stimulation, tons of tummy time, tummy time across my leg (pressure on low abdomen), leg bicycles, giving water by bottle (totally rejected!)

The pediatrician told us NOT to give juice, purees, or other food (just breastmilk) and no meds.

Any other tips or tricks to try? Thanks!