I'm looking for a bunch of super-simple Keto recipes.

Some background: I have been on the Ketogenic Diet before (twice). It is utilized so I can stop taking Topamax for my seizures [which is known to cause birth defects during pregnancy]. The first time was 11 years ago when pregnant with DD and the last time was a modified version while I was pregnant with my son. A couple weeks back, my RE had spoken with my neurologist and requested that I wean off of Topamax again and begin the Keto diet before I begin medicated cycles and IUI for our #3. So, here I am, doing Keto again... the problem arises that, as many of you do, I work and have a family (who DO NOT partake in keto) so I find myself making full meals for them and subsisting on avocados, cheeses, meat, veggies/salads, jerkey, bacon, bone broth, eggs, Propel water, almonds, and the occasional glass of red wine. Nothing I eat resembles a "meal," rather, it looks like a tossed together party platter. I spend so much time making my family "nutritious" meals, that I can't fathom the idea of making something separate for me even though I HAVE to. All of my old standbys (and favorites from years' past) take 20-40 minutes. I've looked up so many recipes on websites and they are pretty time and ingredient intensive at times. I just need simple.

Bees, please help me with some quick (10 minute-ish), easy, yummy ideas.