I feel kind of dumb even having to ask this but...is there any secret to getting my baby to play or just be ok by himself for 5-10 minutes?

He's almost 6 months. He can't sit independently yet. We carry him /wear him /wheel him around the house or outside in his stroller a lot. He will not accept being put down! I want him to have a few minutes of unstructured time here and there. And to be honest, I just want to eat, go to the bathroom, etc sometimes. I'll be going back to work next month and he won't be starting daycare until the fall (availability issues). My husband will be with him (and our older kid) during the day because he's not teaching over the summer, and I would feel better for both of them if LO is able to be content by himself for little bits here and there.

We have playmats, bouncy chair, or just a crib or blanket - he doesn't like any of these by himself. We bought a supported seat but returned it because he didn't like it at all. Dangling toys don't interest him much.

Teach me your ways!