My son (3.5) has developed a new fear of being alone in his bed at night. For about two weeks we’ve dealt with HOURS of crying and screaming for us at bedtime. We’ve tried checking on him every ten minutes. He calms down but starts right back up again when we leave. The only way to get it to stop is to sleep in his room with him - clearly not a permanent solution. Nothing else has changed. Why is he terrified all of a sudden??

I’ve tried bribing him. I’ve tried being stern. I’ve tried putting him to bed earlier, later, extra hugs, extra books, no books, talking about bedtime earlier in the day, a new lovey. Nothing is making an impact. When we leave he screams for us to help him because he’s scared of being alone. It’s heartbreaking and also maddening!!

And now of course he’s overly tired every single day to add to this vicious cycle ... HELP.