So I’ve suffered a history of losses and found myself unexpectedly pregnant again. Feeling hopeful that this time I may be on the road to a healthy baby.

If I am, as a first time mom - I have not really thought about life after pregnancy. I am an avid reader and think it’s time to start thinking about learning some tips and tools to raise a healthy, well adjusted and happy child who eventually becomes an independent and thoughtful adult and how I can be the best parent I can be. I know much of this comes with learning by both the parent and child in life but some of it seems to start early with the basics and I’d like to start learning about parenting now.

So any books or resources that any of the moms on here have found useful on any subject - sleeping, eating, developmental concepts, etc would be so welcome by me as I hopefully embark on a path to motherhood.

Thanks so very much ladies.